Enjoy Buying a Home!


Of all the parts of real estate that should be fun and enjoyable, buying a new home is it! Unfortunately for some, it turns into a hectic process that is both confusing and frustrating. But there is hope, because you’ve got Jolene! Whether you’re buying your first home, or have purchased property in the past, you will find working with Jolene a very refreshing departure from real estate as usual – now, you can ENJOY REAL ESTATE!





Enjoy the Home You Buy: It isn’t enough for an agent to just ask what kind of house you’re looking for and go from there! Jolene will sit down with you and truly analyze your needs and wants, and then help you prioritize them so when it’s time to see houses, everyone is on the same page. It’s not just about buying a house – it’s finding a home for you to ENJOY!



Enjoy the Future: Buying a house is the largest single investment most people will ever make and it is incumbent on your agent to do the research necessary to protect that investment as much as possible and provide you with the market information to ensure the amount you’re preparing to offer for the property is in line with the market.


Enjoy the Process: Constant updates and communication are needed before AND after you find the right home. With Jolene, you’ll know what’s happening, and you’ll know what’s to be expected next so there are no surprises and you can ENJOY getting ready for your new home!